In order to insure all members will have access to the “island” 365 days per year, we maintain a limited number of memberships.

We are delighted that you are considering submitting an application to our club. Delta Yacht Club means a great deal to all of us here, and we consider our members to be family.  All new applicants require two active club members to act as sponsors on their application.

INTEREST CARD – Information Request

If you have not been to our island as a guest, on a tour and/or do not have two sponsors, please click the button below to fill out an “Interest Card.”  Our membership coordinator will contact you to provide more information about the club and if desired schedule a tour of the island.

APPLICATION for Membership

If you have been to our island, already know about our club and have two active member sponsors, please take the time to review our standing rules.  If you have any questions about the rules, please ask any club officer.  After your review, click the “Online Application” button below to apply for membership.  The following is a brief overview of the application process:

  • ALL APPLICATIONS require a $625 initiation fee.  Your application will not be processed until the fee is paid.  Please note that your Initiation Fee is nonrefundable unless your application is declined by the Board of Directors.
  • PAPER APPLICATION: Should you prefer to do a paper application you may print out our application via the link below and write a check payable to Delta Yacht Club for your Initiation Fee.  The application and check may then be given to any club officer or mailed to the address on the form.
  • ONLINE APPLICATION: Complete the online membership application form by using the link below.  Your application must include:
    • Acknowledgement review of and agreement with the standing rules.
    • Acknowledgement of use restrictions of the island.
    • Acknowledgement of party committee participation obligation.
    • Names of two active members willing to be your sponsors.
    • Upon completion of the online application you may pay this immediately online using the link provided or mail a check to the club address.
  • The Delta Yacht Club Secretary will distribute your application to each member of the Club for their review. The members have 14 days in which to review the application.
  • Shortly after the 14-day comment period, the Board of Directors will vote on your application.
  • MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL:  If your membership is approved –
    • WELCOME to the Delta Yacht Club.  You are welcome to use the island as soon as your application is approved.  We want to get to know you!
    • the Secretary will notify you, will order and mail your name badges and membership cards, along with a burgee for your boat, and a membership roster.
    • the Treasurer will send you a prorated bill for dues for the remainder of the calendar year based on the month of your application.
    • the Technology Coordinator will activate your online account(s) and send you your username(s) and password(s).
  • All members receive their dues bill for the following year in late November. Dues are payable no later than December 31.
  • If you have any questions on these procedures, please contact any Club officer.

The Delta Yacht Club is a social organization.  It is not to be used as a residence.

The club is for recreational use only, i.e., day use, weekends and vacations.

Please understand these terms before submitting your application.

For clarity we also invite you to fully review our standing rules.

 Download our STANDING RULES (Click Here)

After rules review, there are 3 ways to proceed:

Interest Card (Click Here)




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